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Studio VaVaVoom LLC

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VaVaVoom was born in 2007 of a group of Phoenix area dancers and students who longed for glitz, glamor, gems and of course, glitter. Fusing the snaky hip movements of bellydance, with jazzy dance steps and showgirl panache, all that was left was to add in the allure of classic burlesque strip tease. Thus was born, VaVaVoom! Burlesque & Dance Collective.

The troupe started as a handful of students from the burlesque classes taught by Mizz Lucy Morals. Lucy on Facebook

  Lucy then inducted VaVaVoom into Romantasy Cabaret as part of her efforts to add in showgirls and tease artists to that vaudevillian cast. 

Since those early days growing up with Romantasy Cabaret, VaVaVoom! has enjoyed the notoriety that comes with being part of Phoenix Arizona's naughty lil vaudeville cabaret show, winners in 2008 for Best Vaudeville by Phoenix New Times, Best Performing Arts, City of Tempe in 2012 and 2nd Place Winners, Best Group/Duet at Albuquerque Burlesque & Sideshow Spectacular for 2012. 


In 2009 VaVaVoom! burst onto the stage at Club Red as part of Romantasy Cabaret's feature entertainment and hasn't batted an eyelash since. VaVaVoom! has performed regularly at Firestage, The Alwun House, Plaza de Anaya, Romantasy Cabaret, Plush Tucson, Tempe Tavern, Joe's Grotto, Phoenix Pride, Peep Me, private parties and special engagements and has begun branching out across the USA leaving a trail of feathers, sequins and swooning hearts behind them. In 2012 VaVaVoom! won 2nd Runner Up Troupe/Duet Category at the Albuquerque Burlesque & Sideshow Spectacular. And here's a lil peep at us in our Mother Show, Romantasy Cabaret! 

About Mizz Lucy Morals, Headmistress, VaVaVoom! Burlesque & Dance School
Director, VaVaVoom! Burlesque & Dance Collective

Mizz Lucy began her dance journey in 1999 with bellydance. She danced hard, auditioned for and subsequently joined Bedouin Tribe, sister troupe to world renowned Domba! in 2002, then began teacher training in 2003. In 2004 Lucy became certified to teach Domba Tribal Style, thus began her love of teaching. In 2007, upon founding Romantasy Cabaret, Lucy began studying burlesque. Some of her early teachers include Satan's Angle, Scandalesque, Princess Farhana. Michelle Manx, and lots and lots of online research. She also began studying body physiology to teach a safer dance practice. In 2008 she began teaching burlesque and she continues to dabble in learning other dance styles to help her students to be more well-rounded performers. A good teacher is one who continues to push themselves to become better instructors, dancers and performers.
Mizz Lucy is also the writer, director, producer and emcee for Romantasy Cabaret and Hanky Panky Revue in Phoenix Arizona.